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Business Clients Supported (partial list)

  • BetterManager

  • Ant Farm

  • The Getty

  • Edison

  • SAP


  • Teradata

  • Amgen


  • Nestle USA

  • Kaiser Permanente

  • Verizon

  • David Couper Consulting (DCC)



About Maddisen

Maddisen is passionate about her work as a Professional Coach and Conscious Leadership Facilitator, and enjoys working with people of all ages, professions, and walks of life.  She is trained and experienced in a wide spectrum of therapeutic approaches, and customizes her coaching for each individual.


Maddisen has a PhD in Professional Coaching and Human Development from the International University of Professional Studies, a Master’s degree in Counseling & Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica, and is a graduate of the ICF accredited Coach for Life program. She is currently studying Applied Neuroscience and Brain Health with Dr. Sarah McKay of the Neuroscience Academy.


Maddisen also enjoys her role as an Executive Coach at BetterManager, an international leadership development firm whose mission is to make thriving at work the norm.


Continuously researching and expanding her coaching toolkit, Maddisen leverages ancient to contemporary practices to support the greater awareness and fuller potential of her clients, addressing them wholly as mental, emotional, physical, and soulful beings.

Maddisen is also a certified Holoenergetic® facilitator. Developed by her mentor Dr. Leonard Laskow, M.D., a Stanford-trained physician, Holoenergetic healing refers to healing with the energy of the whole. Maddisen guides clients through key Holoenergetic processes including Forgiveness, Tracing, Unconditional Love, and Ancestral Harmonization. As an ordained minister, she also supports couples in writing their marriage vows and facilitates them in the Ancestral Harmonization process before she marries them.   


She also holds a B.S. in Computer Science & Technical Writing from the University of Massachusetts. A seasoned professional with extensive experience as a learning and training specialist, Maddisen consults and coaches organizations in the development of relational and transformational leadership programs.

Born and raised in Connecticut, Maddisen currently makes the world her home. She works with individuals and groups throughout the U.S., and internationally. 

"A disciplined mind brings happiness."

- The Buddha

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